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What Our Skin Treatments Are All About

Skin is our thing here at BDC and we are here to hold your hand and take you on your very own personalised journey. Weather you suffer from serve acne, are concerned with Aging concerns or just
want to know what to use on your skin. We have you covered!

Black Diamond Clinic - Skin, Beauty, Laser Clinic

How Are We Different

We perform a very in depth, thorough Skin consultation before any of our treatments to help determine exactly what is going on with your skin and how we can fix it. We don’t have ‘one off’ pricing for treatments as we can not cure your skin in just 1 standalone appointment. We have over 27 different treatments we can perform and they can become overwhelming when reading them all!

During your consultation we set a treatment plan based on your goals, budget and lifestyle. This can look like 2 treatments a week or 1 treatment every 12 weeks. We design a package where everything is customised and suited to exactly you!

Our experienced and highly trained Skin Clinicians paired with the best technology, science and products, we will not only change your skin, but your life!

Skin Care

Skin Correction Facials

Let us design and build a treatment plan specifically suited to your skin concerns and treat these using corrective products

Lympathic Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy works with your circulatory system to help detoxify and bring much needed nutrients to the skin. Removing any 'roadblocks'

Skin peels

Repair, Rebuild & Restore your skin with our range of Skin Peels. Designed to target specific concerns along within the skin

Observ Advanced
Skin Analysis

An advanced medical imaging technology that takes photos of your skin under different lights to reveal what is underlying deep within the skin.

LED Light Therapy

LED technology is visible and invisible light that penetrates to a certain depth within your skin to target specific cells.

CIT / Skin Needling

Skin Needling works by creating micro traumas to the skin which tricks the skin into repair mode where it will produce new healthy cells.

Beauty Treatment

RF Skin Tightening

A bi-polar electrical current generates heat creating a controlled trauma in the skin producing collagen and elastin to instantly firm and tighten the skin.

Cellulite Reduction

Performed on the backs of the thighs, the vacuum suction, lifts the cellulite away from the muscle encouraging blood flow & stimulating lymphatic drainage!

Fat Cavitation

Fat Cavitation works by using Ultrasound technology to liquifying the fat and dispose through the lymphatic system

Wrinkle Relaxant Injection

Anti-Wrinkle injections are used to relax the muscle to assist in oftening and treating the appearance of wrinkles


Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers plump the skin and help to restore volume using a Hyaluronic Acid gel like substance.

pigmentation correction

This professional treatment will lighten stubborn pigmentation usually caused by Hormones through the use of advanced active ingredients

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