Do you really know what the pill is doing to your gut and/or skin health?

Let’s be real here, to treat your skin effectively you have to treat not only externally but internally too. Everything you put into your body needs to be excreted and at times this is through your skin. We like to think of your skin as a second liver, it is will eventually filter all the bad things out.

The two go hand in hand, It’s just like eating cheese without drinking wine, you just cant.

Over 85% of Australian women are prescribed with some form of contraception.

So, the pill = unhealthy gut & skin. Why?

Most skin and gut conditions can be caused by that one little pill you take daily.

If you’re prescribed with the pill to help your acne this is just a bandaid fix. The pill suppresses your oil flow to how it was as a child. It will also stop your gut from being able to absorb and form on vitamin B, zinc and magnesium, which are all so vital for your gut and skin health! This also contributes to Acne when deciding to come off the pill.

The pill has no progesterone in any type which is vital for healthy bones, immune system and brain function.

Another study recently done shows that over 90% of women have some sort of digestive disorder weather it be IBS OR Chrones at some stage when taking a form of contraception.

Needing a recommendation for a natural contraception? Here in the clinic we like to refer to a naturopath, that can assist each individual with their needs.

Please, think about this when treating any type of skin condition and WHY is my skin acting like this, what is the cause? Without the cause it’s just a guessing game.

The pill is not the answer for treating skin conditions.

So, if you’re struggling to get on top of your skin health, we take a holistic approach when it comes to skin care and we can provide you with a tailored skin care plan so you can feel confident in your own skin again.

Kels x