Payment Plans

The Ultimate Payment Plan

Celebrating Individuality is one of our core values here at BDC so we have created our very own DIY Packages!

We decide exactly which services & treatments you will need to have, how long in between them, the duration of the package & how often you pay. Think of this like a gym membership only way better! Plus, we offer Afterpay & Zippay at all Clinics!


Your Skin Clinican will work with your goals, lifestyle & budget and decide on the best package for you!

Black Diamond Clinic - Skin, Beauty, Laser Clinic

Our Difference

Skin is our thing here at BDC and we are here to hold your hand and take you on your very own personalised journey. Weather you suffer from serve acne, are concerned with Aging or just want to know what to use on your skin. We have you covered!

We perform a very in depth thorough Skin consultation before any of our treatments to help determine exactly what is going on with your skin and how we can fix it. We set a treatment plan based on your goals, budget and lifestyle. This can look like 2 treatments a week or 1 treatment every 12 weeks. Everything is customised and suited to exactly you!