LED Light Therapy

Light emitting diode (LED) technology is visible and invisible light, that penetrates to a certain depth within your skin to target specific cells. Each wavelength of light is absorbed by a different target to stimulate specific skin enhancing processes.

LED is a versatile treatment that can be applied throughout any age management or problem skin treatment for corrective, maintenance and preventative results. It can be used in a multitude of ways. As a standalone treated or added on to majority of our treatments. 

Post treatment is proven to reduce redness and irritation, relieve discomfort, minimise the risk of infection and improve bruise resolution

LED can be combined with procedures including skin peels, skin needling, radio frequency, laser/IPL and injectable treatments. It will also enhance the results of more traditional facial treatments

It will strengthen & prepare the skin in advance of invasive and an ablative procedures.

Skin Treatments - Black Diamond Clinic


$ 45
  • Enhance any treatment with our LED upgrade


$ 90
  • 30 minutes

LED Facial

$ 210
  • 1 hour, 30 minutes

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