You have all heard the saying ‘make up makes you break out’ and most of the time this is completely true. There is a lot of crap in makeup that plugs your skin and causes congestion plus so much more but there is a solution!

First of all, let’s get down to some of the main ingredients in most common makeup brands, break it down, and explain how these ingredients affect the skin.

Silicone – Silicone not only clogs your pores but it also stops the absorption of other products penetrating the skin. When silicone is used in products and then applied on the skin it forms a barrier layer trapping everything from bacteria, dirt, and sebum (oil). It’s not letting your skin get the chance to breathe, it starts to affect the natural process of sweating which can result in acne and congestion forming. Think of this like if we put glad wrap over your skin for the whole day. Yer yuck!

Sulphates – Sulphates are known to irate the skin and eyes, inflame dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis and with severe cases, it can bring on headaches and dizziness. Sulphates interfere with the skin’s natural ability to regulate and protect, resulting in skin that just can’t do its job properly.

Alcohol – Alcohols in makeup such as ethanol, isopropyl & methanol are used in foundations and creams to make it feel lighter & is a preservative, now the downside to having alcohol in makeup is it creates dryness irritation and breakouts. Alcohol also starts to break down our acid mantle (our first line of defense for your protective barrier, our acid mantle is made up of oil & water) and creates TEWL. (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, meaning no retention of moisture & hydration) so in summary alcohol has a severe dehydrating effect on the skin.

Emulsifiers – Emulsifiers used in makeup has the purpose of binding oil and water products together so it stays bonded for its shelf life, the problem with this is as I mentioned before, our acid mantel is made up of oil and water, so once it’s applied to our skin it then starts to emulsify our acid mantel, another way TEWL can happen.

These are some of the ingredients that are in makeup that contribute to your skin health but if we go a little deeper there are a few other factors that have a major contribution in the health of your skin.

This is one we tend to forget but, but plays a massive part is washing your makeup brushes regularly. Over time your brushes accumulate bacteria, inactive skin cells, and oil (yuck). By cleaning your brushes regularly it’s helping kill the bacteria but also preventing the spread as well, which can cause acne, congestion, blackheads and so many other skin conditions. Stop sharing your makeup with friends, as you read before, your brushes accumulate inactive skin cells, bacteria, and oil, so basically you have not only accumulated that from your skin but also someone else’s skin and now you are spreading that between you. (which when you think about it that’s kind of gross!)

Always check your makeups expiry date, most make up has a 6-12 month lifespan, once it expires chuck it in the bin. You are opening yourself up to the risk of irritation and sensitivity.

Now we have explained some of the key factors with makeup and how it negatively affects your skin health but let’s talk about how we can help our skin and the perfect alternative. These points are going to help your skin but not necessarily prevent it:

Now I’m not saying you can never wear makeup ever again but if you can, keep it down to special occasions and try to break out of the habit of wearing it as a daily thing. This is where your skincare becomes super important. If you have super healthy glowing skin, you won’t want to wear it on the daily.

Use brands that don’t have all the nasty ingredients as listed before. (keep reading!)

Get into a routine with washing your brushes regularly and thoroughly.

Now I know this one kind of hurts especially if you have so much left but chuck it out! Makeup past expiry date is no good. Be cruel to be kind to your skin. Your skin is going to thank you later.

Thoroughly clean your skin after wearing makeup and DO NOT sleep in your makeup, your going to increase your chances of breakouts and congestion.

So, here’s that magical answer I have been telling you about!

Want Makeup that is good for your skin? (Yes, I said it!) Just thank me later!

I have been working with Dermaviduals for the past year or so now and I can honestly say I have never seen skin change like this. We often find Makeup can be the golden step in actually changing your skin. Sure you can throw the best of the best onto your skin but if you continue to wear something that clogs the shit out of it every day what’s the point?

Dermaviduals have an extension to their skincare called ‘Deco.’ This is their makeup line that is just like their skincare. It is free from Fragrances, Preservatives and Parabens, Emulsifiers, Colours, Mineral oils, Silicones, and Amines.

Not only is Deco free from all these nasty ingredients it also contains high-quality skin caring substances (jojoba oil, squalane, castor oil) and pigments. So not only is your foundation going to give you coverage it is also going to feed your skin using ingredients such as:

Vitamin C an Antioxidant that strengthens collagen strands, helping increase collagen production and is a free radical scavenger.

Vitamin E another Antioxidant, it increases hydration, improves elasticity and is anti-inflammatory

White Clay is a moisturising agent and a thickening product.

But, another amazing thing about Deco is it’s completely customisable! How? We literally mix the Deco to your exact colour! Deco comes in a white base and we add red, yellow, and black pigments to it to get the exact colour for you!

Ready to make the switch and use make up that’s not only caring for your skin but also the exact right colour?

Book in now for your FREE colour match! Call us on (02) 6572 4092 or book online http://bit.ly/BDC-book – ‘Skin Treatments – ‘Deco foundation colour match’

Much Love, Jem x